Thetford Cemetery is located on the London Road. It holds plots for all denominations.
(London Road Cemetery, London Road, Thetford, IP24 3HZ)

Funerals take place between the hours of:

  • 10.00 to 15.00 (April to September inc.)
  • 10.00 to 14.00 (October to March inc.)

The Chapel is available for hire if required.

Cemetery Burials: Interments are usually acceptable in any cemetery, however should you not be a parishioner of the required cemetery then there is usually a higher charge for the burial, maybe sometimes double that of a resident.  All cemeteries are different in their ruling of who they encompass as non parishioner and if a person has only left the area within the past 12 months, for instance to go to a care home, then usually the authority will allow them to qualify as parishioner.  Most cemeteries are governed by the local town council but some are simply extentions of curerent churchyards that have become full and would therefore be unbder the control of the church.

Churchyard burials: Interments are available within churchyards, space permitting and are at the decretion of the ministry of the church in question.  Plots are usually available only for parishioners of the village or those with a strong family connection to that location, such as living there previously and having generational ties to the area or family members already buried in the churchyard.  It is always advisable to seek guidance and advise from the relevant church committee, diocese and ministry to evaluate the criteria applicable and we can gladly assist you in this.

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