Made in our own workshops we can supply a whole range of coffins, both wood and cardboard, as well as caskets.  Examples are shown below.  Click on an image to enlarge it.

The Chiltern

The most widely chosen and used coffin of all. Built by our craftsmen using high quality Oak, Sapele and Elm veneers, the Chiltern is a simple, basic coffin designed to be understated with single mouldings along the lid and bottom edge. Traditional and simplistic and available in various wood finishes and colours.

The Cambridge

Beautiful solid hardwood coffin built in house by our own craftsmen. Made from your choice of either solid Oak or solid Utile with raised panels and triple moulded lid with a hinged option.

The Cambridge is one of our most popular solid coffins due to it’s exquisite styling, detail and quality of workmanship which is unsurpassed.
A superb coffin with extended longevity and handsome detailing.

The Brinkley

Built by our craftsmen using high quality Oak, Sapele and Elm veneers, the Brinkley is a simply designed coffin with a single moulded lid and routed panels. Saving cost but still with the same quality detail and design as the Cambridge.

River Sunset Wood

Contemporary Veneer and solid wood coffins are also available in your chosen bespoke design.
Spectacular… is the best word to describe the River Sunset coffin. It’s idyllic imagery is both calming and striking.

Winter's Air

The cold winter’s air, crisp frost on leafless tree branches and a layer of soft white snow on the ground. the winter wonderland coffin is sure to evoke memories of your loved one and their love of the season.


One of the most unique and individual designs we have ever made, Jellybean features a full wrap around print of many thousands of… well… jellybeans!

Casket 1

Casket 2

Casket 3

Casket 4

Plain Cardboard

This plain cardboard coffin is shown fitted with matching handles and bell tops.
Available in adult and child sizes and supplied with lid fastening screws and a headrest.
A multitude of designs are possible as shown in the next few images

Landscape Cardboard

Floral Cardboard

Thetford Funeral Service - large butterfly motif
Thetford Funeral Service - smaller butterfly motif