A very important part of our company ethic is an emphasis on after care, we continue to offer support in many ways but crucially, we try to help families through the grieving and bereavement process.

Mal Offen is a qualified counsellor and specialises in many fields of therapy such as anxiety, relationships, depression, addiction, loss and bereavement, he provides a completely confidential, comprehensive indoor and outdoor therapy, opening the space for the individual/s to discuss any issues in life that cause distress.  It is not about giving advice but allowing each person to create their own sunshine and providing counselling in a non judgemental way.  Anyone can run but facing up to things and working through them, thats what makes them strong.  The most creative act you will ever make is the act of creating yourself, so whatever the issue, struggle or concern, let Mal help you….All the answers lie within…..

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