Green/Eco Funerals

For many years now we have provided families with the option of a natural, ‘green’ way to have a funeral service by offering a selection of meaningful, environmentally-sustainable services and products.

Having a green funeral is becoming increasingly important for the many people who live their lives in a more environmentally conscious manner. People not only want to live greener lives, they now also want to be environmentally sensitive when they leave this world too.

We support your environmental ethos and can help you create a more personal farewell by providing options to reduce the impact of a funeral and leave a smaller footprint behind.

Choosing to have a green funeral not only significantly reduces the amount of carbon emissions produced compared to a traditional funeral, but reduces the overall environmental degradation of land, air and waterways.

We can advise you on environmentally-sustainable options to reduce this impact, and we will help you incorporate them into the funeral service and cremation or natural burial, whichever you prefer.

Choices include environmentally friendly coffins and urns and the choice of location within the setting of a natural burial ground to scatter the ashes or for the burial to occur. Ceremonies can occur at the memorial site, and trees can be planted in honour of the loved one along with other natural marks of rememberance.

A green/Eco or natural funeral is simply an alternative way to create a a truly personalised service which reflects the life and legacy of your loved one – a softer, lighter, smaller footprint on the earth

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